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Post by Gwendolyn Aurios on Sun Feb 07, 2010 9:17 am

Nama : Gwendolyn Aurios
Side : Shashta
Umur : 15
Tempat Tanggal Lahir : London, 1 December 1995
Kelas : 1
Club yang diikuti : (maksimal 2 minimal 0)
Tinggi / Berat : 164 cm/54 Kg
Golongan Darah : A
Hobi : Reading, Kendo, martial arts, sleeping alot.
Likes : Sleeping, Challanges, competition, Learning, lace.
Dislikes : Being sleepy, not getting enough sleep, seeing others give up, weakness, pitiful behavior, stupidity, dishonesty, people who run away, fear.
Personality : A strong and upright person, she is a type A. Knowledge and truth are her best friends she won't let a person by if she see's them lying. She'd rather bite her tongue then lie to you in your face. And will do her best to stop any back stabbing and cruel activities. If you have a problem face them then charge, is her motto. She doesn't like it though when others probe to deeply or get close to her. She doesn't trust others may it be her own parents or so called friends.
Ciri-ciri fisik : With an upright body, she has long wavy golden yellow hair and Straight forward eyes. Her brows are thin but natural, keeping her face in an almost common frown or irritated look. Curves really are a thing to this body, with C sized cups and a nice figure to match. Long legs with white socks are probably the best part other then the curves.
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